Manufacturer OEM/ODM Repeater Amplifier Booster For Analog UHF TA-RPA01

Manufacturer OEM/ODM Repeater Amplifier Booster For Analog UHF TA-RPA01

1.Output Power: 35W

2.TX Gain: 16dB

3.RX Gain: 14dB

4.Frequency: UHF 400-500MHz / VHF 136-174MHz

5.ODM OEM Available


TA-RPA01 Amplifier not only increase TX talking range,but also extend RX coverage.It provided a more cost-effective solution to improve signal coverage of walkie talkie/repeater. 

1.Work with low power Analog Radio to increase its TX power to 35W

2.Work with Repeater to extend the transfer coverage

3.Use in car with handheld radio, turn it into a high power mobile radio


Lead Time:


Payment Method:
Trade Assurance  / Bank transfer / Western Union / MoneyGram / Paypal / L/C

Tesunho is aim to be the leading industrial walkie talkie solution supplier. 

So our service consists of 3 important parts:

1. Basic Warranty:

√ Replacement: Free new walkie talkie if it can not work at once it arrives.

√ Free maintenance and parts (without artificial faulty ) :



Main Unit

365 days

Battery and Charger

90 days

Antenna and other parts


√ Paid maintenance and parts: for artificial faulty

2. Brand OEM service:

√ Partly OEM service

√ Complete OEM service

3. Technical ODM service: 

We have abundant of experience on industrial needs customization

√ Rail way station communication device

√ Hotel inner wifi communication structure

√ Security Guard Patrol system with walkie talkie

√ Irrigation Patrol system

√ Intelligent Parking system

√ Logistics Management system

12 Engineers: 

It embraces 12 professional engineers, including hardware engineer, RF engineer,Android system engineers, embedded engineers

04 Exhibitions:


GS exhibition spring

GS exhibition autumn

PMR expo

15 Years:

It has 15 years of ODM experience on rail way project, security guard, patrol system, logistics customization, hotel inner communication system

15,000/6000 Pieces:

It can produce 15,000 pieces analog radios or 6000 pieces WCDMA radios per month

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Tesunho is the pioneer in PoC product and won success.

We won the reward from the module supplier for our effort and success.

And our good reputation started with our partners success at the local market.


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