Tesunho PoC Radio

Tesunho PoC Radio


Tesunho is the pioneer in PoC product and won success.

We embrace a serial of options from basic function to advanced, from portable to mobile, 

from Linux to Android, from SIM card to wifi......

By Grade:

Economical walkie talkie: 

Portable Radio: TH-282, TH-518 ,TH-588 / Mobile Radio: TM-991

Middle-end walkie talkie: 

Portable Radio: TH-388,TH-510,TH-681 

High-end walkie talkie:  

Portable Radio: TH-680,TH-682/ Mobile Radio: TM-990,TM-990D,TM-990DD

By Function:  

Wifi: TH-518,TH-588

NFC: TH-682, TH-510

Bluetooth: TH-588,TH-682,TM-990

Gateway(Repeater): TH-680,TM-990D,TM-990DD 

Android: TH-588(zello,walkiefleet,realptt,broadnet......)

Dual Mode: Poc+ Analog: TH-680,TM-990D  /  Poc+ DMR: TM-990DD

APRS: TH-282,TH-388,TH-588,TH-680,TH-681,TH-682,TM-990,TM-990D,TM-990DD,TM-991

SOS Function: TH-282,TH-388,TH-510,TH-518,TH-588,TH-680,TH-681,TH-682,TM-990,TM-990D,TM-990DD,TM-991