How Can Man Down Feature on Two-Way Radios Improve Worker Safety?

How Can Man Down Feature on Two-Way Radios Improve Worker Safety?


The Man Down feature on two-way radios is a safety feature that automatically alarms supervisors or colleagues when a lone worker has suddenly fallen. This allows supervisors or colleagues to respond quickly to assess the situation and provide assistance.

The working principle of Man Down is simple to explain. The radio triggers an emergency alarm when tilted beyond some critical angle for longer than a preset time. If the radio is placed back in the vertical position within the preset time of the alarm being triggered, like ten seconds, the alarm stops. If it exceeds the preset time, the radio automatically sends SOS to dispatcher and other radio users.

The Man Down feature can be customized for different working environments. You can also adjust the other settings through the programming software, like the activation angle for alarm and auto open the microphone during the alarm.

Ensuring the safety of workers is vital. The Man Down feature helps to identify and mitigate the risks to lone workers in emergency situations. And you will often find this feature used in hazardous work environments where the risk of injury or accident is high, such as fields, mines, industrial plants, construction sites, and so on.

If your employees work alone, remotely, or in potentially hazardous environments, then you need to choose a two-way radio with Man Down feature for them. Tesunho TH-510 two-way radio is designed to keep workers safe. It's equipped with Man Down alarms for safety, noise cancellation for clear communication in noisy environments, and NFC for increased productivity. It also connects to the device management cloud platform for centralized management and real-time tracking. That's why the Tesunho TH-510 can be relied on for reliable, rugged communications in the harshest environments.

It is necessary to choose two-way radios with Man Down feature for your employees who work alone. Remember, safety always comes first!

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