TM-990 walkie talkie 5 Versions for different demands

TM-990 walkie talkie 5 Versions for different demands


This is a powerful multi-purpose walkie talkie for PoC, analog or DMR. It can also work as a gateway or repeater. There are many possibilities waiting for you to discover. It can work for solutions like: transportation, logistics, Bank control center, airport, railway station control center, car racing, self-driving travelling, and so on. 

It has five different versions:

TM-990 Normal

TM-990 BT version 

TM-991 economic version

TM-990D PoC + Analog dual modes version

TM-990DD PoC+ DMR dual modes version

990 housing 5 versions.jpg

These five versions are aiming to figure out different demand.  All of them support dual SIM cards.

TM-990 Normal can support secondary development to link with all kinds of devices: Motorola/Hytera/Kenwood/ICOM/Tait/Yaesu walkie talkies; GPS trackers, Video devices, and other monitor devices which is for anti-theft or states monitoring. 

TM-990 BT version is a upgrading on Normal version. BT microphone TH-P1 can work with it to realize handsfree, especially for worker drivers  and racing drivers. Enhancing user safty is our goal.

TM-991 is a basic, slim and slight version, easy installation and simple functions for communication with dual SIM cards. Although it is basic, power protection and thunderstrike protection to compatible with 9-24V vehicles are inherited. All five versions carry this main feature.

TM-990D and TM-990DD are bridges for analog walkie talkie and DMR walkie talkie. They inherited the secondary development function from TM-990, too. 

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