What is PoC Radio

1. What is PoC Radio?

It is a mobile communication system for command and dispatch based on the operator's mobile communication network.

2. Function

Provide work management and command and dispatch services for enterprises, institutions and groups, mainly for group users.

3. PoC Radio Application

Public security, firefighting, hospitals, government agencies, transportation, airport aviation, large-scale gatherings. etc

4. Cost

Extremely convenient and low-cost way of communication.

5. PoC Radio Advantage

a. Get instant tracking position of any individuals in the team

b. Less prone to damage from knocks and drops

c. More durable against water

d. Can help you communicate with your partner nationally

6. Summary

PoC Radio would be a good choice for the development of your business. If you have interest on it. Please feel free to contact with Tesunho.


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