Advantages of Bluetooth Hand Microphone Earphone

Advantages of Bluetooth Hand Microphone Earphone


Bluetooth technology makes devices more functional, wireless and allow for hands-free answering and talking. No more tangled cables, no need to take mobile phone/2way radio with you all the time. The feeling of freedom is unparalleled. 

Bluetooth is highly recommended for first responders, or people that typically have their hands preoccupied throughout the day—like drivers, construction workers, or people need to move quickly—like police, security, if you are covered in wires, may held back by the equipment. 

Tesunho Bluetooth Handmic TH-P1, Bluetooth Earphone TA-B1 and Bluetooth Finger PTT B-PTT are designed to connect iphone, Android phones, Tesunho BLE walkie talkies and PoC apps on IOS/ Android system devices—like Walkiefleet, Zello, Realptt, Broadnet ……

User-friendly, portable and convenient