PMRexpo 2018

    PMRexpo 2018 has been the 18th year since its initial. In this season, there are 4,800 square meters space for about 230 exhibitors. Among these exhibitors, 73 of them are international. There are 25 Chinese exhibitors. 

    In 2017 PMRexpo, Hytera and Motorola launched the PoC radio (press to talk over cellular two way radio). It is the right time when PoC radio rushed into users view at a global horizon. As a pioneer of PoC radio, Tesunho felt very excited about this. More and more scaled two way radio manufacturers join into the promotion of PoC, better and better awareness on PoC the end user will get. 

    In the last 4-5 years, Tesunho as well as few other manufacturers run on the path of pushing PoC to a highlight spot stage. It is our efforts which call for the attention of these giant companies. The PoC market is growing at high speed while many manufacturers still meet critical technology problems. We hope in 2018 PMRexpo to see more and more advanced progress on it. A really good product which bring users benefits must be a product improved by the whole industry. We believe PoC will paint its colorful picture.

    PMRexpo is also an extensive lecture program supplemented  event. And this year, it has a innovation on it. It is the first time to show lecture programs with subject-specific focused. Topics like "Secure communications Summit" , the Symposium "Secure Communication for the Energy Industry" and interesting, daily changing forums will be opened to participants.

    Tesunho sincerely hopes a successful PMRexpo to each party. May you harvest!