Chips Shortage & Quarter Plan Notice

Chips Shortage & Quarter Plan Notice


Dear Partner,

We are sorry that the supply of material isn’t stable. It causes a lot of trouble on our production, but also to your market plan. The price quoted recently might be valid only in 1-3 days. And the lead time might be even longer than 60days. Kindly plan your order and do forecast to us as soon as possible.


Luckily, almost all of our active partners accepted our trend forecast and ordered for the next 6 months. Congratulations to you all and thank you for following our advices and paying without any doubt. Your wisdom and boldness are going to win you much more market share!


On the other hand, many other inactive partners who backed to Tesunho proved that small manufacturers could not be listed in suppliers’ WHITE LIST OF SUPPLY during this special time. They have to stop production or start to work on replacement design which will take a long time. This crisis is a very good touchstone. We hope a scientific market survey and the effective customer communication will help you win for the last quarter, too. Let’s keep hand in hand toward the prosperous 4th quarter.


Yours sincerely,

Cindy Lau

Sale Manager

Tesunho Electronics