TH-320 Amateur Two way radio

Professional economical TH-320 walkie talkie is fashionable ,light, rugged and durable. It has various colors. Moreover,it has different functions including Call Bell, VOX, Monitor,Squelch, etc. It has been proved that TH-320 walkie talkie has clear and loud communication tone by field test.

Likewise, its communication tone is consistent with personal tone. Due to these features , TH-320 walkie talkie is the first choice for children, elder, restaurant, outdoor travel, beauty salon, etc.

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Frequency Range

136-174MHZ 400-520MHZ

Channel Number


Channel Space

25 /12.5KHZ

Operating Voltage

DC 3.7 V 


2800mAh ( Li )

Battery Life

More than 20 Hours(by5-5-90working cycle)

Frequency Stability

±2.5 ppm

Operating Temperature


Antenna impedanceily





0.14kg(Including batter )


Wide band

Narrow band

Power Output





Spurious Emission



Adjacent Channel Power





Wide band

Narrow band

RF Sensitivity (12db SINAD)



Adiacent Channel Selectivity



Intermodulation Rejection



Spurious Response



Audio Power Output


Audio Distortion


*Due to the continuous development of technology, specification above are subject to change without prior notice.


Standard Packing

Payment Method

Trade Assurance  / Bank transfer / Western Union / MoneyGram / Paypal / L/C

Our Services

Tesunho is aim to be the leading industrial walkie talkie solution supplier. So our service consists of 3 important parts:

1. Basic Warranty:

√ Replacement: Free new walkie talkie if it can not work at once it arrives.

√ Free maintenance and parts (without artificial faulty ) :



Main Unit

365 days

Battery and Charger

90 days

Antenna and other parts


√ Paid maintenance and parts: for artificial faulty

2. Brand OEM service:

√ partly OEM service

√ complete OEM service

3. Technical ODM service:

√ partly OEM service

√ complete OEM service

3. Technical ODM service: 

We have abundant of experience on industrial needs customization
√ Rail way station communication device
√ Hotel inner wifi communication structure
√ Security Guard Patrol system with walkie talkie
√ Irrigation Patrol system
√ Intelligent Parking system
√ Logistics Management system


1.How POC Radio work?
A: It needed poc radio, sim card and real ptt account, contact us for more explaining
2.How to program radio?
A: It need real ptt account, real ptt account password, URL, Apn. Pls feel free to contact us, we will offer you programming instruction and guide one by one step.
3.What is your MOQ?
A: 2 piece for normal stock; different quantities for OEM or ODM,which is determined by different  task  workload. Kindly contact us for more information.
4.What is your payment terms?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

About Us:

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Product Features

Colorful, Thin, Light, Fashionable

Unique appearance design, mini and deft, convenient to carry, easy to operate, you still feel comfortable even if using for a long time.

Clear Loud Sound

Advanced and innovative structural design of acoustic propagation, can greatly reduce the background noise to make sound clearer and more sonorous.

Call Bell

Call bell can be set to cater for different occasion.


The bright flashlight make your nighttime usage more convenient and uninterrupted.


Free your hands, monitor the other party.


It is safe for us to use

non-radiative, environment-friendly and healthy walkie talkie.

Main Function

Monitor Function

Press the monitor button to turn on the receiving circuit, check voice on the current channel. This function is particularly effective for receiving weak signal.


To avoid listening to a unrelated call on the same channel.

Channel Scan

To scan each channel at certain time intervals in order to monitor the call of each channel.

HI/LO Power Programmable

The radio can switch the high/low power, meet a variety of communication demand to save the corresponding communication resources.

Squelch Level Adjustment

Squelch level decides where it turns off or turns on. You can choose squelch level from 0(low)-9(high). It can be set by programming software.

Low Battery Alarm

When battery capacity is not enough, it will automatically alarm to remind the user to charge the battery.

Transmitting Finish's Voice Prompt

When transmit is over,it makes a sound. It means the communication is over. There are three sound options. It can be set on the programming software.

Time Out Timer

It can Restrict the users transmit long time in a channel, it can also avoid damage of the radio due to long time transmitting.

Busy Channel Lockout

Users are forbidden to transmit signals at the busy channel, i.e. it can not transmit when receiving signals.

Wide /Narrow Band Option

The wide/narrow band can be chosen through programming software. Default value: wide band.

Color Options

Green, Blue, Black, Orange, Red

*Due to the continuous development of technology, specification above are subject to change without prior notice.


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